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PAUL POIRET, a legendary fashion designer called the ‘KING OF FASHION’, sought beauty that broke free from existing beauty standards in female nature, and also sought to liberate women through various methods.

"To dress a woman is not to cover her with ornaments it is to underscore the endowments of her body, to bring them out and stress them. All the talent of the artist consists in a manner of revealment."
1913 Interview with Vogue

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She is special and incomparable to others.
She is present in every moment of life. She is dressed in the couture dress of the season to attend an opera opening party, but makes sure to pack a comfortable linen shirt for her summer holiday at the French Riviera. Age seems to be a trivial matter for her in some ways.

She understands the trend of the times but is not swayed by the trend because she knows how to style herself uniquely with her own senses. She has great intuition that allows her to know what makes her heart skip a beat. She understands her desires better than anyone else. Her heart leans towards looks that are simple yet feminine.

She is elegant with a graceful attitude, which is the key to completing her whole look. She is a knowledgable, confident, and refined woman living the modern age.

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LA GRANDE COUTURE, which aimed to maximize women's unique reflections, breaks down barriers between the East and West revives the value of time to surpass the boundaries of existing aesthetics, and presents beauty at its apex.

POIRET, the beauty brand that has modernly re-invented PAUL POIRET's heritage and HAUTE COUTURE ideals, is now releasing LA GRANDE COUTURE into the world, which hopes to discover the light and beauty of all women to help design their own unique reflections.

"The well-dressed woman is the one who picks out her gown, her adornments, simply because they make her appear more pleasing, not because other people are wearing the style."
Paul Poiret, 1912 Interview with Harper's Bazaar

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The journey to find the unpredictable beauty from within, POIRET, the haute couture beauty brand that has reinterpreted the heritage of Paul Poiret. The renaissance begins here just for the special and exceptional person that you are.

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