Poiret Archives

Poiret's first autobiography

  • by Paul Poiret

    En Habillant L'Époque

    Grasset / 1998

    Poiret's first autobiography

  • by Paul Poiret

    En Habillant L'Époque

    Librairie Grasset / 1930

  • by Palmer White

    Poiret le Magnifique

    Payot / 1986

    Book that describes the life of the grand designer Poiret

  • by Diktats

    N.1 Paul Poiret


    Catalogue that lists Poiret's work from his debut to late years in chronological order

  • by Geneviève Fontan

    Paul Poiret raconté aux enfants dès 8 ans

    Afron Jeunesse & Culture / 2007

    Children's book on Poiret

Paul Poiret

  • by Paul Poiret

    King of Fashion : The Autobiography of Paul Poiret

    V&A Publishing / 2009

    Poiret's autobiography that discusses his journey from being a humble Parisian to becoming the King of Fashion

  • by Paul Poiret


    Gallimard / 1932

    Book in which Poiret reflects upon his life and discusses his merits and demerits

behind his art

  • by Paul Poiret

    Vestendo La Belle Epoque

    Excelsior 1881 / 2009

    Book in which Poiret describes his art philosophy in his own words

  • by Palmer White


    C.N. Potter / 1973

    Book that discusses Poiret's life and his design philosophy

  • by Yvonne Deslandres


    Rizzoli International Publications / 1987

    Book that showcases Poiret's fashion, accessories (hats, shoes etc), perfume, and interior designs

  • by Alice Mackrell

    Paul Poiret

    Batsford / 1990

    Book that describes Poiret's fashion philosophy and innovative attempts

  • by Poiret Francis


    Baudot Thames & Hudson / 1997

    Biography focused on Poiret's fashion philosophy

  • by Kerry Taylor

    Vintage Fashion & Couture: From Poiret to McQueen

    Editions Mitchell Beazley / 2013

    Book that descibes the fashion philosophy of the best designers of the century from Poiret of 1910 and McQueen of 2013. Includes the history, fashion design illustrations, and photos of Poiret

Poiret's work

  • by Musée de la mode et du costume, Palais Galliéra

    Paul Poiret et Nicole Groult: Maîtres de la mode art déco

    Edition Paris Musées / 1986

    Book that introduces designers and artwork that incorporate art deco styles. Includes the history and artwork of Poiret by year

  • by Harold Koda, Andrew Bolton


    Metropolitan Museum of Art / 2007

    Exhibition catalogue of <POIRET, King of Fashion>

  • by Musée de Jacquemart-André

    Poiret le Magnifique

    Institut de France / 1974

    Exhibition catalogue of <Poiret le Magnifique> held at Jacquemart-André Museum in 1974

  • by Beaussant Lefévre

    Paul Poiret Un visionnaire intemporel

    Beaussant Lefévre / 2008

    Auction catalogue of Poiret's work- Includes various images of Poiret's work

  • by Galerie Barbazanges

    La collection particulière de M. Paul Poiret: exposée du 26 avril au 12 mai

    Barbazanges / 1923

    Exhibition catalogue of Poiret's artwork showcased at Poiret art exhibition at Galerie Barbazanges 1923

  • by Nicole Thornton


    Rizzoli / 1979

    Book that contains different illustrations that highlight Poiret's use of vibrant colors in his designs

  • by Francis Baudot


    Octavo / 1998

    A book containing an introduction to POIRET and photos and illustrations of various dresses and perfumes

  • by Cameron Silver and Rebecca DiLiberto

    Decades: A Century of Fashion

    Bloomsbury Publishing / 2012

    Book that introduces designers that have made major contributions to 20th century fashion. Includes variety of fashion images and illustrations of Poiret

  • by Anne Zazzo and Oliver Saillard

    Paris Haute Couture

    Editions Flammarion / 2013

    Book that introduces the best haute couture shops and designers of Paris in the 1890s

  • by Hamish Bowles

    Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, and People

    Abrams / 2014

    Book that compiles the exhibitions of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. Includes various images from the 2007 exhibition <POIRET, King of Fashion>

  • by David Guillon

    dufy – poiret

    Galerie Fanny Guillon - Lafaille-Paris / 1998

    Exhibition catalogue that includes images of the watercolor paintings and sketches of Poiret's designs by the artist Raoul Dufy from 1917 to 1919

  • by Paul Iribe and Paul Poiret

    Les Robes de Paul Poiret

    Galerie Fanny Guillon - Archival Reprint Co. / 2009

    Book that shows Poiret's designs drawn by the artist Paul Iribe

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