Embark on a journey as we unveil an extraordinary collaboration between the visionary artist Sara Cwynar and Poiret.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive showcase of Poiret’s luxury content and artistic brilliance.

5.1 - 5.5 2024

The Shed

Poiret's belief

Encounter of Art and Beauty

Welcome aboard a voyage to your finest luxury with Poiret, where the exquisite beauty begins.

Join us at Frieze NY!

Poiret's Manifesting Beliefs With Sara Cwynar

For her special project with Poiret at Frieze New York, Sara Cwynar presents a selection of works that address issues surrounding value and beauty as they are solidified in images.

Sara Cwynar's special project with Poiret at Frieze New York

Cwynar's work invites viewers to engage with the multifaceted layers of identity, representation, and cultural production present in our images.

In her macro photographs of peonies, Cwynar crafts vibrant compositions reminiscent of traditional still-life paintings, prompting reflection on the transience, beauty, and fragility often associated with cut flowers.

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